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About Home Sweet Home

Hey! I am John.

Thank you for stopping by and read more about Home Sweet Home!

Who Am I

I am just your average joe with a wide variety of interrests. The latest of which is baking. I am not fond of cooking but baking bread, cakes, making dinner rolls, etc.

It propbably has got something to do with making your own dough that facinates me. Anything creative interrests me: Drawing, playing a music instrument, writing stories and songs and more.

I am still a beginner at baking and I make lots of mistakes. With this new found venture, I also encountered lots of frustrations:

My dad used to say: ‘Use the correct tool for the job’ and ‘When you struggle to do something, you are not doing it right’ Those are wise words and the right tool for the job makes life so much easier.

Why Did I Create This Website

I do not live lavish and have a small 3 bedroom house which I share with my wife here in sunny South Africa.

That does not mean you cannot love your living space and make it your own every day, amazing getaway destination.

John Zeeman Photo

I fondly remember my grandmother’s kitchen: Waking up in the morning greeted with the awesome smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked bread. But also the cosy admosphere and lively chatter around the kitchen table.

I soon understood that the experience gained from an event is what counts. You can make a quick cup of coffee or you can make it a fun experience: Get out the saucers and those special cups along with freshly baked scones with some cream and Strawberry jam.

Without having to go to the shop and buy freshly baked goods, you will need to learn some baking skills yourself and a major part of ruining the fun and make it feel like a chore, is having ill-equipped tools for the job.

Now that I started baking; using an inadequate scale, blunt knives or a bulky cutting board will just not do.

But it is not just about the kitchen, although one of my favourite areas of the house, but it is also about making life around the house more comfortable and implementing affordable ideas that saves time and money.

So I created this website to share my experience of affordable equipment, gadgets and ideas that works and made my small house a home.

Kick off your shoes after a long day, grab a glass of wine and relax for 40 minutes watching your favourite series while your plants get watered, your dishes gets washed and dried and your favourite healthy meal will be ready. Enjoy all this in the perfect room temperature without lifting a finger.

That is a small part of the aim and not always affordable or achievable for many. But with a bit of knowledge and the right tools, I say: Why not?

You are welcome to go to my contact page and drop me a message or a question.

Your friend,